About us Xawer

XAWER company is an importer and wholesaler of man's fashion accessories (ties, bow ties, cufflinks, scarves, leather belts and gloves, etc.) We deliver our goods to many shops in Poland. A few years ago we started opening Moda Męska Xawer shops.



We have been in this buissness for more than 30 years. We started as STYLE, in 2005 we changed the name into XAWER. Because of our vast experience we have gained trust among our bussiness partners.


If you are interested in starting cooperation with us contact us:

PPHU XAWER Jacek Cieleń

ul. Piłsudskiego 40, 48-303 Nysa
e-mail: firma@xawer.com.pl

tel./fax +48 77-433-77-85
tel. +48 694-703-579
tel. +48 606-616-989

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